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New to Holy Trinity?  Welcome!  

Whether you have already walked through our bright red doors or are simply "church shopping" on the web, we welcome you to this joyful, vibrant community of faith.  We gather as God’s beloved people; some in jeans, others more dressed up.  Some members come from other Christian denominations; some are lifelong Episcopalians.  Others are not sure exactly where or even if they fit into a particular religious category.  Our life together is greatly enriched by this diversity.

Most of us are searching for something larger than ourselves and for connections that are real and meaningful. We invite you to join us in your exploration.  This church family offers many ways to experience a warm caring community and a place of belonging. You will be warmly welcomed and shown full respect, whoever you are and wherever you are in your faith journey.  You are invited to go at your own pace, to take things slowly and tentatively, or to jump right into our common life.

Located at 4613 Highway 3 on a picturesque and historic corner in Dickinson, Texas, Holy Trinity is a faithful community who WELCOME ALL to this sacred place.

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What do people wear to church?

Be comfortable!  Attire ranges from jeans to sport coats (and a few suits) and everything in-between.

I’m not Episcopalian. Can I come to your church?

Yes!  All are welcome!  It can sometimes feel intimidating to enter an unfamiliar church.  The people of Holy Trinity, however, are at ease with how each other choose to participate in worship, and if you would like assistance navigating the bulletin and service, please ask a Greeter or Usher. Someone will be honored to help.  You are our respected and welcome guest, and we hope you will feel as comfortable in our house as you would in that of a valued friend.

I have small children. Can we attend services?

By all means! We are family-friendly and your children may either remain with you during services or you may take advantage of Sunday nursery care or Sunday School.

What are your church services like?

The congregation participates by praying, listening, serving, and worshiping.  We also sing at the 10:30 service.  Every Sunday we read 4 sections from the Bible: An Old Testament reading, a psalm, an epistle, and a Gospel reading.  We also have Holy Communion every Sunday.  Our worship service comes from “The Book of Common Prayer” which makes it possible for the congregation to share fully in every service.

How may I arrange a meeting with the priest?

Please call or email the Church Office to schedule a meeting with Rev. Vivian Orndorff.

How may I talk with one of the church lay leaders?

Call the Church Office and a Vestry member will contact you.

How do I join?

There are at least as many ways "in" as there are doors, windows and people to connect with. The best way to begin is to attend Sunday services, talk to our friendly Greeters, introduce yourself to our priest, Rev. Vivian Orndorff, and tell us your story. That will help us know the best way to proceed.  You may also complete and send us a New Member Form and we'll get back in touch with you.

How may I be included on newsletters mailings and phone lists?

Please contact the Church Office.

What does “Episcopal” mean?

The Episcopal Church uses some terms that are not familiar to most people, including most Episcopalians! The Episcopal Diocese of Texas has a very extensive Glossary that can help you find the meaning of almost any unfamiliar term.  Also, if you're wondering what it means to be Episcopal or Anglican, have a look at the Visitors' Center on the national church webpage or the Anglicans Online website.  By the way, the word "Episcopal" means "bishop" in Greek.