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Altar Flowers

The altar flower ministry is an opportunity to provide glory to God, honor or remember loved ones and mark special events. Parishioners are asked to signup for a Sunday on the Flower Calendar which is located next to the serve-through of the front kitchen in the parish hall.

Guidelines for Altar Flowers:

Only fresh cut flowers may be used on the Altar. Absolutely no silk or artificial flowers may be used.

The Flower Calendar is placed in the parish hall in January of each new year.  You may make a dedication for a departed loved one, a birthday, an anniversary, or other special occasion.

The flowers placed on the altar may not be taken home after the service. They are distributed by the Altar Guild to an ill or homebound parishioner. However, if you wish to take them to a hospital, nursing home, or cemetery, please notify the Altar Guild.

Sandra Smith, Altar Guild Directress